Wax Lyrical Reed Diffuser Small Vases (RB8083)

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Wax Lyrical Reed Diffuser Small Vase

These beautiful reed diffuser vases combine perfectly with colony fragrances and are a stylish way to fragrance your home quickly and efficiently. They understand the significance of the home as a retreat; a personal space; and they know that fragrance is the perfect way of celebrating this.


Create a sleek minimalist look with this Pale Purple Opaque GlassSmall Reed Diffuser Vases. This chic diffuser is ideal for a busy room - just add Wax Lyrical diffuser oil and reeds for stylish fragrance.

The scented oil is drawn up the reeds and gradually diffused into the room, giving you flame-free, continuous fragrance for up to six months.

Reed diffuser bottle for use with oils and reeds

Part of The Diffuser Bar by Wax Lyrical

Diffuser oils and reeds sold separately

To use fill with diffuser oil, insert reeds and place in your home

Great way to create a personalised gift

All items will be received in packaging, as above.