Ladies Chupa Chups Badge Caps / Sun Hats

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Ladies Chupa Chups Badge Caps / Sun Hats

A lifestyle in its own right – cool and full of energy.

Available in 2 colours, this Chupa Chup Badge cap is perfect for off-duty cool styling.

One size and adjustable at the back.

RRP 20.00


Chupa Chups is an ideal brand to sell on eBay as it is very hard to source and really has a lot of loyal follows that love the brand. Please take the time to search eBay and see for yourselves at how much Chupa Chups sells for and the little amount of sellers that are selling due to Chupa Chups strict wholesale rules.

In 1958 Eric Bernat invented a way to fit a fork on a sweet and in the late 60's, Salvador Dali designed the famous red and yellow daisy logo.

Chupa Chups become part of the Perfetti Van Melle Group, the worlds biggest candy company, in July 2006, and continues to grow.

Today, Chupa Chups spreads its magic, creating a fabulous range of fashion products that are fun, cheeky, surprising and always colourful.

Product hit the markets across Europe in January 2008 for the first time and has made a very positive impact with our retail partners. The first apparel collection is due to hit stores in May 2008.