Colony Fresh Orange Tealight Candles PK/(ES9154)

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Colony Fresh Orange Tealight Candles PK/9 (ES9154)
Each pack contains 9 Tealights.Tealight Candles bring gorgeous scent and colour into your home. The true to life scents fill your home with fragrance and can be mixed and matched to create your perfect scent. They look stylish in a wide range of candle holders and make it easy to have a beautiful home every day.Orange in colour and Fresh Orange scented, with true to life fragrance.Delight your guests with endless hours of the delicious scent of fresh oranges that plays with citrus notes and sweet undertones.Burn time: +/- 4 hrs.
Place in an appropriate candle holder for best results.
Fill your space with the glorious aroma of fresh oranges.
Each pack of 9 tealights is individually barcoded.
You will receive 2 boxes each containing 8 packs of tealights.