ThumbsUp Novelty Emotion impact sound Balls-EMOBAL(5053966176710)

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ThumbsUp Novelty Emotion impact sound Balls-EMOBAL


RRP £6.99

Colours mixture: Blue/Red/Yellow

Product code:EMOBAL

Balls create sound effects on impact

Available in three separate designs ' Clumsy Claude (red), Uh-Oh Olly (blue), and Happy Harry (yellow)

Made from plush material featuring durable stitched-on features

These cheeky-looking Emoticon Balls are as noisy as they are cute! Fitted with sensors that create individual sounds on impact, simply throw them in the air or give them a shake to listen to the sounds they make!

Featuring three separate designs - Clumsy Claude, Uh-Oh Olly, and Happy Harry - as well as sound effects to match their expressions, you'll want to collect the whole family! Listen up as Happy Harry giggles out loud, Clumsy Claude goes 'boing!' and Uh-Oh Olly says, well, exactly what you'd expect him to say - 'Uh-Oh!'

Emoticon Balls are made from plush fabric with good quality stitched-on facial expressions. They're as cute and cuddly as a soft toy but twice as much fun!