Like and Dislike office Stamps - LIKESTP (5060113899736)

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Like and Dislike office Stamps - LIKESTP (5060113899736)


RRP £9.99

Product code: LIKESTP Barcode: 5060113899736

Contents: 1 x Like stamp & 1 x Dislike stamp
Both stamps are self-inking and last for up to 5,000 assertions each

Please Note: This product is not associated with Facebook. Any trademarks that may be depicted are the property of their respective owners. No connection between such owners is implied.

With these straight-to-the-point 'Like' and 'Dislike' stamps, you can whack a succinct appraisal on documents whenever you get the urge! With the phenomenon of Facebook's 'like' button - symbolised by an instantly recognisable thumbs up icon - this age-old hand signal has taken on a whole new lease of life in cyberspace! The only problem is, there'sno corresponding thumbs down or 'dislike' button to offer an alternative view - and for the armies of armchair critics out there, that's a MAJOR gripe!

Well fret no more; while these self-inking stamps won't let you digitally 'dislike' anything just yet, they will let you ink your opinion in the real world! Got a soft spot for the Beano or a favourite takeaway menu? Stamp them with a 'like'! Want to make your feelings clearon tax returnsand parking tickets? You know what to do… dislike, dislike, dislike! Why open your mouth to share your opinion when you can assert your feelings in ink?!