Breo Ski Hats in 5 Different Colours

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Breo Ski Hats in 5 Different Colours​ 

Super warm peruvian hats with tassles!!!


Available in a 5 colours and patterns! Styles you can choose from are...

Breo Fresco,  Breo Graffiti,  Breo Rime,  Breo Snowwhite and Breo Wild


Handcrafted chunky wool winter hats! With pleated bobbles.

Quality value and unquestionably good product.

Luxury Peruvian style beanie made by Breo so quality assured.
Attractive knitted acrylic outer with polar fleece lined inside to keep you extra comfortable and extra cozy.
With tasseled ear flaps to retain even more heat and keep you warm.
The Breo beanie can be washed with cold water, and left to dry flat, and ironed to maintain appearance.

Breo sells in high street fashion chains such as T0P5H0P, Urban Outfitters & ASOS to name a few! The brand is known world wide and has a great following

All items are 100% wool and 100% fashion must haves!!!

100% wool high quality hand made hats that will sell extremely well!!




 These hats retail from £35 each!




Please Note: Snowflake is not avalible