ThumbsUp Built in Smoke Alarm / Wall Clock Two In One (5060113899224)

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ThumbsUp Built in Smoke Alarm / Wall Clock Two In One (5060113899224)


RRP £29.99

Two-in-one clock featuring a built-in smoke alarm
Contemporary design
Stylish enough for use in the home, smart enough for use in the office
Eliminates the need for a separate smoke alarm or offers double protection if you already have one installed
Requires 1 x AA battery for the clock (not included) and 1 x 9v battery for the smoke alarm (not included)



This stylishly contemporary clock does more than tell the time, it comes complete with an integrated smoke alarm too! Why have two appliances taking up space in your home or office space when one does the job just as well?

Simply insert one AA battery to power the clock and one 9v battery to power the smoke alarm, affix the clock to the wall and you're simultaneously covered for smoke detection and keeping track of the time - just be sure you don't use the Smoke Detector Clock to time your cigarette breaks!