ThumbsUp Secret Keyring - Stash The Cash For Safe Keeping!

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ThumbsUp Secret Keyring - Stash The Cash For Safe Keeping! 

RRP £4.99

Keyring for stashing backup cash
Suitable for all types of paper currency
Tough waterproof construction

Ever lost your wallet on a night out and had no money to get home? The Secret Keyring will make sure that even if the worst happens, you'll have enough backup cash for a taxi or bus home!

The idea is that you fold up a note (if you're in the UK, £20 is probably ideal), slip it into the Secret Keyring and forget about it until you need it. Then if you ever lose your wallet, or just plain run out of money at a really bad time and can't get to a cashpoint, you've still got enough for a taxi.

Although the general idea is that you forget about your SecretKeyring until you need it, keeping it with you means that you'll also have a useful reserve to fall back on if you see something you just have to buy.

Discrete, watertight, tough and extremely useful, the Secret Keyring is a handy fallback that no one should be without!