Ladies Mixed Carver Tops

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Ladies Mixed Carver Tops



'The Carver is a tilting three wheeled vehicle using an automatic balancing technology to balance the passenger compartment under all conditions. The first commercial Carver product, the Carver One, was designed to seat two people, and manufactured and distributed by Carver Europe (formerly named Vandenbrink) in the Netherlands. The Carver vehicle combines aspects of a motorcycle and a car, both in appearance and design. Like many microcars, the Carver has three wheels and the controls of a normal car. The three wheel Carver One is said to have the comfort, controls and stability of a normal car while showing the dynamic cornering behaviour of a motorcycle.'

These tops are perfect for bringing a little style into sports. Comfortable to wear and suits almost any figure.

 Choices: (Navy / Black)

Medium Ladies Carver Polo Shirts

Small Ladies Carver 3/4 length Tops

XSmall Ladies Carver 3/4 length Tops

RRP: £22.00

 A perfect addition to any market stall, shop floor or ebay store.

All tops are brand new, in original retail packaging.