Cinnamon Wax Filled Village Bakery Candle (F0066)

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Cinnamon Wax Filled Village Bakery Candle


Wax Lyrical candles bring gorgeous scent and colour into your home. The true to life scents fill your home with fragrance and can be mixed and matched to create your perfect scent. They look stylish and make it easy to have a beautiful home every day.

Clear glass filled with scarlet red highly fragranced fine wax.

The candle is safely self-contained.

No external candle holder necessary.

Approximate measurements: 9cm (Height) x 8cm (Width).

A perfect addition to any market stall, shop floor or home.

RRP: £14.99 each

 Burn time: 40 hours + or - 4 hours

 A rich and warm cinnamon fragranced candle with hints of cinnamon bark and ground nutmeg.

One of the noel avenue limited edition range, village bakery