Royal Princess 2013 Celebration Souvenir Plate

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Be the envy of all your friends with your own piece of "inaccurate history"


Were you excited about the arrival of the Royal baby? Did you and your friends debate Royal baby names? Did you anticipate the birth of the Royal Princess of Cambridge?!….in which case this collectable souvenir plate is for you!

Get your hands on this limited edition commemorative plate, celebrating the birth of the Royal Princess…….yes due to an "inside tip" that went wrong, one unidentified company ordered 5,000 commemorative plates celebrating the birth of Kate and Will's little girl, to try and steal a march on their rivals….only Prince George Alexander Louis clearly had other plans!

After catching wind of the unfortunate mishap, thought they would make a great addition to the Novelty section, and put in a (rather generous) offer to secure all 5,000 of the plates. As expected, the offer was accepted and the stock is now safely in our warehouse, minus several that were broken in an internal plate smashing contest.


These plates have already attracted the attention of the worldwide media including the Huffington Post, Metro, The Telegraph, The Mail, MSN and Nova FM in Australia to name just a few. Hundreds have been quickly snapped up and they are set to become a highly unusual and collectable novelty item. This is your chance!


Almost 101 things you can do with your plate:

 * Present it as a gift for that "difficult to buy for" relative

 * Offer it as an off-beat, novelty raffle or competition prize

 * Add it to your Royal plate collection

 * Give it pride of place on your mantelpiece - a great conversation starter

 * Tour the UK with your novelty plate-spinning act

 * Wait for baby number 2, hope it is a girl and sell it for considerable profit

 * Have a plate smashing contest with your mates

 * Give your colleagues the worst Secret Santa gift ever

 * Enjoy a dangerous game of Frisbee

 * Buy a set of them to use at your next dinner party

Need even more persuading?!

Check out some of the news coverage this charmingly unusual Royal souvenir has received:"







Capital FM gave away one of the plates Live on air, as you can see above Gillies and Emily had great fun running a phone in competition for the plate.


This is a screen shot of the ebay auction that we ran, the plate sold for £72 to a collector of Royal Plates, we gave 100% of the auction price to Charity.