Colony Teardrop Ivory Candle Holders (M8032)

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Colony Teardrop Ivory Candle Holders (M8032)
These Candle Holders are exclusive gifts from Colony Gift Corporation.
Colony Gift Corporation recently celebrated their 30th birthday by re-launching their name under the popular Wax Lyrical brand. Wax Lyrical means passion: they are dedicated to producing high quality homeware for people who like to feel spoilt in their home.
High quality ivory teardrop candle holders, designed specifically to hold tealight candles.
A perfect addition to any market stall, shop floor or home.
RRP: £4.99 each
Each tealight holder is brand new and individually barcoded for easy resale.

These tealights holders measure approximately 9cm (Width) x 3cm(Height) x 11cm (Length)


The perfect addition to a house in need of a breath of frresh air

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