Playboy Black & Silver Shopping bag PA7531-BLK

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Playboy Black & Silver Shopping bag



Playboy first came into existence in 1953 with the publication of the first Playboy magazine, which featured the famous 'Rabbit Head' logo, designed by the Art Paul - art director on the magazine.

Since the first humble beginnings the magazine grew to encompass a huge brand empire that included the publishing arm, and the Playboy Clubs which were staffed by the famous 'Bunny Girls'.

The Playboy brand is now licensed to a huge array of products, including Belts, and continues to be the 'Must Have' brand for women, attracted by playboy’s chic designer styles.

RRP: £44.90

Product Code: PA7531-BLK

Each bag comes in clear plastic packaging and is tagged, bar-coded and has a holographic Playboy sticker