Rustic Tall Brown Pillar Candle Holders J8011DUN

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Rustic Tall Brown Pillar Candle Holders




These chunky candle holders are exclusive gifts from Wax Lyrical.

Wax Lyrical means passion: they are dedicated to producing high quality homeware for people who like to feel spoilt in their home.

These chunky metal dark brown pillar holders are a statement piece and 2 or 3 look great posistioned along a dining room table for an dinner party.

Approximate measurements: 14(height) x 10 (top) x 10.5(base)cm's.

A perfect addition to any market stall, shop floor or home.

RRP: £12.99 each

Code: J8011DUN



Each rustic tall pillar candle holder is individually stickered with the barcode