USB Adaptors For Receiving Skype Calls Through A BT Phone

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USB Adaptors For Receiving Skype Calls Through A BT Phone



This is the USB Telbox. You connect it to your computer through USB, and it interfaces between the Skype software and a physical phone, such as a corded or cordless phone. This allows for you to use Skype as a sort of home phone service, although Skype doesn't support E911. The device is entirely powered by USB.

  • Fully integrated with Skype for making & receiving calls.
  • All incoming calls to your Skype phone number will be forwarded to your regular phone and will ring just the same as your regular phone call.
  • Just pick up the phone and dial, SkypeOut will be automatically detected and used for long distance call.
  • PC running Windows 2000 or XP. 400 MHz processor or higher 128 MB RAM or higher Free USB port Package
  • USB Phone Adapter Box USB cable Telephone line Driver CD Instruction Manual
  • Compact and unique design.

Now you can use your regular home phone for Skype or any VOIP interface! When your regular phone is connected with this adapter, you can dial and receive calls via Skype/VOIP without the need to buyer a SKYPE phone. This adapter allows any desktop/cordless phone to operate as a dialer and speakerphone for Skype!

RRP: £16.99

Each telbox comes with a complete set of cables to connect the device

The box is a compact size of 13x9x2.5cm's

And you will also receive a CD-Rom with the software for skype and a user manual

Each of the USB Teltelbox adaptors will come to you boxed ready for resale