The Australian Woman's Weekly Cook Books - Bag These 5 Books Now!

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 The Australian Woman's Weekly Cook Books - Bag These 5 Books Now!



 Woman's Weekly cook books (399 pgs avg.)

These cook books, each on a specific area of cooking, are a must-have addition to any kitchen, whether you're a novice cook or a gourmet chef!

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The Australian Woman's Weekly cookbooks are each on a specific area of cookery to help you find the exact recipe or inspiration you need


The books are also colour-coded according to subject so you can find the book you need quickly and easily


In addition, each book is organised into various categories according to what the recipes contain, what you use to cook them, and what meal it is (eg. in 'GRILL', chapters are 'under the grill', 'grill pan' and 'barbecue')


Experimenting with new tastes and textures you haven't tried before, or sticking to the well-loved recipes, these books can help you no matter how fussy a diner you are!