ThumbsUp Novelty Sporting Golf Tees (Royaltees) - ROYTEE4 (5060280493249)

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ThumbsUp Novelty Sporting Golf Tees (Royaltees) - ROYTEE4 (5060280493249)



RRP £4.99

Product -ROYTEE4 Barcode:5060280493249

Go golfing with royalty this weekend! Queenie will be there in all her finery to cheer you on... she will even hold your ball steady for you.

These novelty tees make a great gift for golf addicts. Just secure the tees in the turf, prop your ball on the Regent's little crown and swing away.

However, take care with your aim - we don't want any heads to roll...

This gregarious group of Queen-style golf tees comes in a pack of 4. Share them out amongst your friends and let the royal tournament begin!