Novelty Handy Mouse Key Finders - MOUKEY (5060280491290)

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Novelty Handy Mouse Key Finders - MOUKEY (5060280491290)


RRP £12.99

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Save yourself the frantic morning search to find your keys attach your mouse

You know the routine - you're just about to leave the house and are sure you left your keys on the table. However, after searching high and low, you actually discover them down the back of the sofa, in your bed or on the windowsill. And now you're late for work - again!   Do your blood-pressure levels a favour by clipping this cute little critter to your keys: simply whistle and the Mouse Key Finder keyring will flash and beep noisily until you locate them. What could be simpler?   The Mouse Key Finder also has LED torch eyes. Just press the button on its back to light your way.