Microscope Lens attachment for iPhone 4 - MICLENS14 (5060113899569)

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Microscope Lens attachment for iPhone 4 - MICLENS14 (5060113899569)


RRP £29.99


Product code:- MICLENS14 Barcode:5060113899569

Compact 100 x Microscope
Super-bright white LED built-in for added illumination
Telescopic zoom function
Focus dial
Pocket-sized for portability
Battery LR1130 x 3 pieces
Please note: Only compatible with the iPhone 4

Fit this nifty little gadget to your iPhone 4 using the figure-hugging case provided and transform your camera into a mini microscope capable of 100x magnification! Ever wondered what a teeny-weeny dust mite looks like close up? Or just how intricate a leaf is? Well, now you can get your zoom on with your iPhone 4!

Simply click the case to the back of your handset, screw the microscope into the thread provided and then adjust the telescopic zoom function and focus dial till the image is crystal clear. And because it features a super-bright white LED for added illumination, you can be sure you won't miss out on any of the minutiae. The camera function on your handset will even snap fabulous digital stills of your discoveries!

Besides for pure fun (and that's always a good option), the microscope can be used as a magnifying must-have for aspiring model makers, would-be jewellers or electronic engineers.