Retro Iconic Phone Case for iPhone 5 - IP5RETPHNCOV (5060280493157)

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Retro Iconic Phone Case for iPhone 5 - IP5RETPHNCOV (5060280493157)


RRP £9.99

Product code- IP5RETPHNCOV Barcode:5060280493157
Protects your iPhone from bumps and scratches
Hard plastic casing with high-quality print
Compatible with iPhone 5 only

Head back in time to the early ‘Noughties'.

This inspired case will protect your phone and tar you with the ‘retro cool' brush at the same time!

At the time you owned a handset like this, you probably thought you were cutting edge. And while compared to the iPhone now, this model seems like something from the dark ages - it actually wasn't so long ago that it WAS cutting edge. Which is a good thing really. Because now, to be retro cool, you don't need to stretch back quite so far……

The retro hard-shell design is also a fool-proof iPhone disguise! After all - no one is going to want to steal a phone from the 2000s these days, are they!!