ThumbsUp Functionable Handy Erasable Memo Pads - ERASMEMOPAD (5060113897343)

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ThumbsUp Functionable Handy Erasable Memo Pads - ERASMEMOPAD


RRP £5.99

Product code: ERASMEMOPAD Barcode: 5060113897343

Write and erase messages
Can be used multiple times
Holder for pen and rubber
Save paper



Boycott paper and save a tree with this ingenious erasable memo pad.

The erasable memo pad is the tree lovers' way of leaving messages. It's an ingenious little pad on which you can write your messages to work colleagues, your family, or even to yourself, then easily wipe it clean (using a rubber) making it ready for the next memo.

Imagine all that paper saved a week, a month, a year, and all those trees that will be eternally grateful.

But it's not just the tree huggers who will love this invention; it is also perfect for anybody who wants to keep their desk free of a mountain of bemessaged little yellow squares, stretching back to the first quarter of 2007.

Looking like a miniature version of an old fashioned school desk, it has a hole to stand up your pen and a slot to store your rubber.

Get the message: Erase your memo, not a tree with the ingenious Erasable Memo Pad.