ThumbsUp Attachable Horn for iPhone 4 - HORNBLK (5053966176888)

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ThumbsUp Attachable Horn for iPhone 4 


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Product code: HORNBLK 

Compatible with iPhone 4 only
Amplifies the iPhone speaker using an acoustic channel and horn
Increases iPhone volume up to 13 decibels
Works horizontally or vertically
Lightweight and fully portable
Ideal phone stand. Handset can be charged while attached
Dimensions: Approx 5cm (H) x 10.6cm (W) x 4.7cm (D)
Available in black or white

Slip the cleverly designed Horn Stand onto your iPhone 4 for instant sound amplification wherever you are - it'll boost the audio output of your handset's inbuilt speaker by up to 13 decibels without sapping a single drop of battery juice!

Horns have been used to amplify sound for centuries, so consider this mini silicone version the 21st century take on a classic creation! But how does it work? Well, just like a normal horn amplifies the noise passed into it, this diddy version collects the sound from your iPhone's built-in speaker, amplifies it through the horn-shaped acoustic channel and projects it into the room. Voila! Instant sound amplification with absolutely no drain on your battery!

The Horn Stand works both horizontally and vertically and is available in black or white.

Let us know you colour choice on order

Please Note:

• iPhone 4 not included
• No external power source needed