ThumbsUp Instant 70's Mullet Headband - Perfect Fancy Dress - (5060280493270)

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ThumbsUp Instant Mullet Headband perfect fancy dress


RRP £7.99 each

Product code: INSTMULL Barcode: 5060280493270

Mullet attaches to the headband for an easy-to-wear style injection

The hairstyle of champions: short at the front and sides, long at the back! And while, over the years, you may have wanted to utter that phrase to your hairdresser, it doubtlessly wouldn't have been a good idea.

But here's your chance to experience all the glory of the mullet without losing your job or girlfriend. Enter the Instant Mullet Headband: offering you more style than MacGyver or a back-in-the-day Billy Ray Cyrus. Wear one to your next costume party and brace yourself for the impact.