200ml Rebalance Reed Diffusers (EQ1606)

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200ml Rebalance Reed Diffusers

Wax Lyrical formally known as Colony produce high quality UK products. Reed diffusers bring gorgeous scent into your home simply put the bamboo canes into the diffuser liquid to release the scent. The more canes in the liquid the stronger the aroma. 

To optimise performance level, remember to reguarly turn the sticks upside down and reinsert into the oil.

Rebalance your senses with notes of white rose, amber and soft musks

Bottle Height: 9.5cm
Bottle Diameter: 8cm

Reeds: 20cm

RRP: £24.99 each.

All are brand new, boxed and made in the UK.

Each reed diffuser set comes with 8 bamboo canes

Rich emerald green colour liquid