Thumbs Up iSoldier Phone Stand-THUISOL-01 (5060280490378)

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Thumbs Up iSoldier Phone Stand-THUISOL-01 (5060280490378)


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Small and funky
Simple but effective phone stands. Can also be used with other handheld devices
Eye-catching and unusual
2 Pack ' Each soldier individually detailed
Work horizontally and vertically
A great gift for the smartphone /war history fanatic!




Remember the little tin or plastic soldier figures you used to play with as a kid during the war? Ok, so maybe that was your grandfather - but everyone has some kind of nostalgic attachment to soldier figures. And now you have an excuse to have not one, but two soldiers on your desk…… they can be used to prop up your gadgets!

Simplyattach the suction cupto the back of your device - they work brilliantly with smartphones, mobiles, digital cameras, MP3 players etc - balance on a flat surface and away you go! The iSoldiers are an ingenious solution for watching video footage, taking steady pictures or listening to music without having to clutch onto your gadgets throughout.

Made from bright green plastic, the iSoldiers are faithful replicas of toy soldiers - complete with detailing and props! Measuring under three inches in length and just over one inch in width, they're so small you can virtually take them anywhere with you - just pop them into your pocket! The iSoldiers work on your gadgets both horizontally and vertically.