Acai and Fig Soy Mini Candle Packs (WS9296)

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Acai and Fig Soy Mini Candle Packs

Made by Wax Lyrical formally called Colony gift corporation these mini candles are made from non-animal based soy. The oils are from natural sources and the wax lyrical are enviromentaly concious so packaging has been kept to a minimum and the wicks are made from cotton and they are lead free. 

Sun sweetened figs with uplifting notes of juicy acai berries and wild blueberries

All of the simply soy mini candles have intense aromas that energise and uplift.

Each mini candle has a burn time of 8 hours +/- 1 hour

Each candle is 4 x 4 x 2cm's

RRP: £5.99 per pack

Each pack contains 6 mini candles

The pack of six candles are barcoded for easy resell

In total the 6 candles have an average burn time of 48 hours

Mini candles are 4 x 4 x 2cm's

All packs have information about the Wax Lyrical Simply Soy range