ThumbsUp Cross Stitch Case for iPhone 4 (5060280492402)

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ThumbsUp Cross Stitch Case for iPhone 4 (5060280492402)


RRP £10.00

Cross Stitch Case for iPhone
Includes: 1 x case, 1 x needle, 1 x needle threader and 7 coloured thread wheels
Each coloured thread is composed of 6 strands - please separate before using
Instructions include 11 patterns to follow
Compatible with iPhone 4/4S







Indulge your inner domestic goddess and get creative with the Cross Stitch Case for iPhone!

Cross stitch is back in a big way - from guerilla acts of street embroidery to colourful cross stitch graffiti, you'd be hard pressed not to stumble across a fresh piece of creative tapestry in a London week.

And here's the chance you've been waiting for to display your own needlework skills to anyone who'll pay attention for long enough: the Cross Stitch Case for iPhone provides you with everything you need to make an inventive protective cover for your iPhone 4! So - start needlepointing now!

The Cross Stitch Case comes with 7 different coloured thread wheels, 1 needle, 1 needle threader and a choice of 11 designs to follow - although of course it's even more fun to come up with your own!