ThumbsUp 3D Glasses With High Quality Frame (5060113894311)

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ThumbsUp 3D Glasses With High Quality Frame (5060113894311)



High quality frames

Optical Lenses

Real 3D glasses




With 3D TV and cinema set to take off in the next few years, soon everyone will want to get in on the action with their very own pair of 3D glasses!

Light-years ahead of the flimsy old cardboard frames and thin red and green plastic lenses, our new 3D glasses have comfortable, high quality plastic frames and proper optical lenses.

The red and blue lenses are carefully tuned to get the best out of modern stereo imagery and the results are truly amazing!

So, if you want to truly appreciate the latest in 3D technology then don't bother with the tacky cardboard viewers that cinemas supply and get your very own top quality 3D glasses that you can take with you again and again