ThumbsUp High Quality 3D Polarized Glasses - Red (5060113898319)

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High Quality 3D Polarized Glasses - Red (5060113898319)

Colour: Mamma Mia RED


High optical quality lenses. It's amazing!
Easy, light weight and healthy to use
Fashion and colorful frame
Compatible with passive 3D systems
Bring 3D to life
For all family members
Excellent for cinema, home, Pubs, PC's and game consoles
* Please note these glasses are for passive 3D 

technology only (check with TV manufacturer)

There's a 3D revolution taking place and before you say 'I'm not wearing silly looking glasses', check out the latest in 3D fashion!

These high quality circular polarised glasses are the perfect accessory for the latest in 3D LCD TV's. No need to fight with other family members; everyone can have their own pair. * Please note that these glasses require passive 3D system - check your LCD manufacturer for compatibility. Now you can experience the unique depth of 3D video from the comfort of your living room. With these high optical quality 3D lenses, you'll never have to watch a film in average quality again.... Stronger than standard cinema freebies, the glasses will give you plenty of wear and can be taken anywhere. For example - If you're watching the 3D football in a pub, you get to experience the real stadium atmosphere!


Suitable for adults and children.