Flippin' Frightening Scary Serial Killer T-shirt

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Flippin' Frightening Scary Serial Killer T-shirt


RRP £14.99

Great for the Halloween

Double-sided print
Transform yourself in a seconds with the ingenious flip-over design
Two designs to choose from ' Flippin' Frightening Serial Killer (printed on a white T-shirt) and the Flippin' Frightening Werewolf (printed on a black T-shirt)
A practical joke and a cool item of clothing in one
Great undercover Halloween outfit

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Scare and amuse your friends with this ingenious Flippin' Frightening Serial Killer Tee! What looks like an ordinary but handsome T-shirt is in fact a fright waiting to happen! Simply flip the shirt over your head to wear the image printed on the inside like a mask.

The Flippin' Frightening Serial Killer Tee features a creepy hockey mask design (inspired by a certain iconic slasher movie!) inside and the words 'Are You Scared?' on the front! With such a leading question printed on your chest, you can be sure your mates will take the bait and ask you what your T-shirt's all about - at which point you can flip it over your head and reveal the scary secret!!

Medium - 53 x 75.5 cm
Large- 55.5 x 76.5 cm