Come On England - Light Up T-Shirt

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Flashing 'Come on England' logo on shirt chest
100% cotton

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Get behind the country with this fantastic Come on England Light Up T-Shirt

No one will doubt your allegiance to the cause with this smart and innovative light up T-shirt. Simply press a button (discreetly hidden inside the garment) and the Come on England logo will begin to flash in various sequences and play a little tune. It is essential attire for the really dedicated supporter.

And what's more, when the TV cameras scan the crowd during a lull in play, who will they focus in on if not the England supporter in the flashing shirt? But even when you're not flashing, so to speak, the shirt is also fashionable enough to wear out and about.

Made from 100% cotton and available in black, it really does put the fan back in fantastic.