Burger Style Cake Moulds - Sets of 2

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Burger Style Silicone Cake Moulds - Sets of 2

RRP £12.99


Silicone cake moulds in the shape of burgers

3 sections to the moulds: top half of bun, bottom half of bun, burger
Tailor-made recipe book included
Get creative in the kitchen and add icing for cheese, jam for ketchup, butter cream for mayo etc
Great cake design for parties/special occasions etc
2 x moulds per pack



Junk food fans eat your heart out! With these silicone Burger Cake Moulds you can whip up a delicious sponge that looks like a burger but tastes like, well, a cake!

Burgers or cakes? Cakes or burgers? It's a tough one. Sure, you could have both consecutively, but why wait? With these quirky silicone moulds you can bake a cake that looks just like a burger and satisfy both cravings at once (sort of!) Each mould comes in three sections - one for the top bun, one for the bottom bun, and one for the burger filling. And, coming complete with a tailor-made recipe book, these Burger Cakes will provide you with plenty of ways to get creative in the kitchen!

For added authenticity, why not make up a batch of chocolate sponge mixture for the burger section and plain sponge for the buns? Or let your imagination run wild and add icing for cheese, jam for ketchup and hundreds & thousands for sesame seeds. Yum!