Cursor Wipe Clean Icon Fridge Magnets

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Cursor wipe clean Icon Fridge Magnets


RRP £7.99

Wipe-clean fridge magnets designed to look like digital cursor icons
7 x magnets included in each set



For anyone who's ever browsed the net, downloaded an app or simply used a computer, cursor icons are a familiar part of digital life - and with the invention of these cool cursor-style fridge magnets, they can be a familiar part of your offline life too!

Featuring a series of seven wipe-clean cursor magnets - think black and white arrows, pointing hands, hourglass timers, the compass icon and more - this set is perfect for drawing attention to the scribbles you stick on your fridge! Use the arrows if you really want to alert your fellow housemates or family members to a particular note or picture, or opt for the hourglass if you're highlighting an overdue bill that needs paying...

Designed to look just like online cursor icons, these magnets are a fun and stylish way to turn your old-school fridge into a digital-style hub of information !