Arcadie iPad Mini Gaming Dock - Arcade System

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Arcadie iPad Mini Gaming Dock - Arcade System

 Supersized arcade gaming on the iPad mini!
Remember the days when whole weekends were spent down at the arcade? Whilst technology has come on leaps and bounds since the shell-suit days our love of gaming has only grown. Arcadie for iPad Mini is the ultimate pairing of retro and high tech. Styled just like an arcade unit Arcadie takes tablet technology back to the future. 

Arcadie for iPad Mini has a slot at the back into which you place your tablet. An ever growing selection of retro games can be accessed for free via the App Store. Your trip to the 80s begins here as you negotiate your way through classic games such as Alien Invaders, Blasteroids, Ping (Pong). 

Arcadie for iPad Mini requires no pockets of change, batteries, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi configuration or power from your phone – just slot in your iPad Mini and you’re ready to play. Arcadie transforms your miniature tablet into a retro gaming machine complete with joystick, action buttons and seriously nostalgic 80s games. 

These are retailing on Amazon and ebay and in the shops for as much as £34.99 each.


Arcadie details...


No Batteries needed

Arcade Contols

No Config

Plug and Play

Suitable for ages 6+

Ipad mini not included