Jean-Michel Cousteau Rectangle Sunglasses (M103)

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JJMC Rectangle Sunglasses


Colours are one with a brown lenses, one with black lenses and a silver frame and another with black lenses and a black frame.

These are Italian made sunglasses that were created by Jean-Michel Cousteau as part of a merchandising campaign. Jean-Michel Cousteau is a world renowned French explorer, environmentalist, producer and educator. These sunglasses have be uniquely made and developed to offer the best protection whilst you are off on your exciting adventures.  

Style number: M103

RRP: £60.00-£120.00


A stylish design gives a sophisticated look. 

 The arms include an adjustment system to provide extra comfort.

Theses rectangular styled sunglasses have a stylish metal and plastic combination.

A frame that matches the colour the of the lenses.

These sunglasses do not come with cases you will receive them in there original plastic packaging.