Debranded Striped Polo Shirts For Boys in 4 Colours

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Debranded Striped Polo Shirts

You will receive 10 polo shirts

Founded in 1967 by Ralph Lauren the Ralph Lauren corporation flagship brand of polo RL has now gone on to produce luxury clothing, perfume, home wear and much more. Ralph Lauren clothing defines American style and stands for quality produced products.

100% Cotton

Sizes range from 2 - 7 years

All have been debranded with a V shaped cut through the lable please see picture below.

You will receive a mix of the four colours available: Blue, White, Yellow and Pink

RRP: £50 - £60

These shirts are sold in clear packaging


All Ralph Lauren polo shirts are in a two tone stripe design

The navy blue and white Polo shirt has a orange polo pony on the breast.

All shirts are short sleeved

The Ralph Lauren yellow and navy shirt has a light blue pony on the breast

The pink and blue boys shirt has a green polo pony and rider on the breast

All of the shirts have a 10cm Ralph Lauren Pony on them

As you can see the shirts have been delabled with a cut