About Us

I, like most of us can remember the weekly shopping trips with Mum.† One of the memories that always stood out for me as a child, was making a beeline for the clearance aisle every time we went to the local supermarket.† We always got the best bargains there.† The chance to grab some named brand products, just a bit scuffed, dented tins, wrinkled boxes or maybe no label at all!† What you could guarantee was a price a whole lot less than the same thing on the shelves a few feet away.† Every penny counted then, just as it does nowadays, so it was great to have that treat!

But the supermarkets are a little more choosy with their reductions now, so I wanted to create a permanent reminder built on those years of experience with tedious trips to the shops, so from there was born. serves up consistent bargains on top quality, named brand products at genuine clearance aisle prices.† All without the trolley wars!† All of our products are at discounted prices and some are as little as 5% of their normal price.

Be warned....just like the clearance aisle at the supermarket, when we run out of something, we might not get any more in for a while.† So when you find a good deal, stock up! offers free shipping on ALL products within the UK.† This means the price you see is price you actually pay, no hidden nasties.† We can and will ship overseas, but Iím afraid that isnít free.† Don't worry though, we have secured some great postage rates with UK mail services to keep the cost down.† Itís probably a better deal than youíd get locally.

I hope you enjoy shopping with us at and I hope you find what youíre looking for.† If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, let us know via our contact page.

Thank you for coming.